Our Landscapes Collection offers the most realistic and natural looking synthetic grass products available on the market. All are designed to be installed with absolutely no infill, so you can LIVE CLEAN.

Custom Grass Mfg product Titan up synthetic grass


Our Pet Collection offers the best in drainage and strength, with an increased tuft bind and a state of the art backing system that drains 5 times faster than standard products, so you and your pets can LIVE CLEAN.

Custom Grass Mfg Playground product


Our Playground Collection offers increased durability and longevity, while designed to be infill free so you and your kids can LIVE CLEAN.

Live Clean.

Custom Grass Manufacturing is determined to offer the most realistic and natural looking products on the market, all while maintaining an infill-free ideology.

Real grass doesn't have infill, why should synthetic grass? Exactly. Let's get to the bottom line and say that all infill is unwanted, whether its sand, rubber, or acrylic. Its not needed, and we like to LIVE CLEAN.

We replace the infill with an ultra thick and plush "thatch" layer, which holds the grass upright. Simple right?!

So here we are, making products that are designed to replicate real grass as closely as possible and that are intended for their specific uses. Brilliant right?!

Custom Grass Mfg product Titan

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